Sport&Society Conference 2019

2019 Special Focus – Sports Media Vectors: Digitization, Expanding Audiences, and the Globalization of Live Sport — 20–21 June 2019, Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

Mathilde Plard

Abstract — Trail Event Impact in « Sport Media Vectors / Sporting Cultures and Identities »

The Trail Event Impact project aims to capture the community identity related to one trail running events and what are the runner’s connections to it. Web 2.0 provides new insights into the ability of sports events to structure social territories. Online Social Media (OSN) such as Twitter are used by brands, groups, and all kinds of users. Brand needs some monitoring to set up digital strategies and e-reputation management based on the most extensive understanding of their own community. Furthermore, a sporting event must be considered according to different spaces and scales. Social networks and the OSM have become real spaces where people communicate, exchange, evaluate and comment on their experience.

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